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The Critical Bench Program 2.0


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You Can Start Using This Powerful Bench Press Program RIGHT NOW To Get Stronger Than You’ve Ever Been Before!

You don’t need access to any special equipment.


All you need is a bench, barbell some weights and some dumbbells. Whether you’re young or old, an athlete or weekend warrior, a novice or advanced lifter, you can use this program to set a new personal best training less than an hour a day four or five times a week.


Many people have ordered this program several times JUST to get access to the different training charts.


But to celebrate the ten year anniversary of the Critical Bench Program… I’m giving away access to all 80 training logs.


This includes a starting max of 100 pounds all the way up to a starting bench press max of 500 pounds. Each training log used to cost 39.99. If you’ve been to the Web site before you know this is the truth. If you had ordered all of these programs individually in the past… it would cost almost $3200.


When the ten year anniversary of the program rolled around… I decided I wanted to do something special for everyone that has supported the site and the program over the years.


Since I first wrote the program… I’ve interviewed hundreds of world class powerlifters and bodybuilders. I’ve started competing in power lifting myself and joined a few underground barbell clubs.


So I have a ton of new information I want to share with you.


I want to offer the revised Critical Bench Program 2.0 for a special limited price of just $127 $77 $47 as a way of celebrating the ten year anniversary and thanking you for your support.



All yours for the exclusive, LIMITED TIME OFFER of $47.00!