My name is Jacob Rothenberg, and I’m a powerlifter currently training under coach Jesse Burdick at Combat Sports Academy in Dublin, California. I have been involved with powerlifting since 2009, and have spent 5 years as an active competitor in the sport.

Over my course as a fellow powerlifter, I’ve seen lots of mistakes being made by lifters and I myself have made TONS of mistakes that slowed my progression in the sport for years. My objective is to share advice and guidelines that will hopefully help you discover that you have the potential to be great at this sport, and become the best lifter you strive to be.

My best lifts thus far are a 633.8 squat (in wraps), 418.9 bench, and a 633.8 deadlift to make a 1,686.5 lb. total at the 242 lb. weight class. I plan on achieving a 2,000 lb. raw total by the end of my lifting career.